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Audio-Warfare! iz in da house

2009-05-03 15:41:59 by georgem124

if you like my music and would like to check out my actual website i go by the name Audio-Warfare! on myspace

and again, thanks for the support guys


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2009-05-04 19:17:19

You should worry less about the scores of your songs if you're gonna get comfy here. Everyone gets zero bombed and generally unless you have a large fan base, it's tough to keep a song up there.

georgem124 responds:

im not angry at them im just saying newgrounds is a nicce community except the useless cunts =D


2009-05-09 16:00:19

I would love to do a co-op piece with ya! ;)

georgem124 responds:

sure. if you want to talk about it i have msn its


2009-05-17 05:42:15

I would love it to make a song with you

georgem124 responds:

sure. if you want to talk about it i have msn its


2009-05-23 07:43:17

Hey, i saw your ninja alliance on my friend Pereyh's submission and i liked it, went to check some more and you got some good pieces, so i had to leave a coment somewhere to motive you to continue even thou some of your scores might not be that good and you might not be that known.

Good luck, and btw, try not to get so pissed at people who vote bad on your songs and stuff, calling them stuff kinda makes you rude, and after all, everyone has they're own tastes even if they are stupid or wateva :P

So ye, keep it up ^^

georgem124 responds:

this is an old post.

NINJA ALLIANCE HAD A SCORE OF 4.77/5.00 with 7 votes

then 1 person voted 0 and it went down to 3.89/5.00

he did it to everyone in the top 50


2009-05-30 16:03:00

you saqid it boss! zero bombers will all get cancer. thats the law of newgrounds. :D:D:D


2009-07-01 19:16:25

lol dude nice thumbnail picture

georgem124 responds:

good isnt it. copy me please :D


2009-07-07 04:32:25

=) Thanks a lot! Love ur music and was a big fan!


2009-09-09 16:21:58

you are hermete

georgem124 responds:

I AM NOT HERMITE! If i was hermite I would be making disgustingly horrible music! I do enjoy his music... it bring me the epic lulz, BUT SERIOUSLY I AM NOT HERMITE!

Somebody told me you were and I was simply curious...



2009-09-27 11:35:02

Hey man! It's been a while.

I've heard some of your new pieces and I must say that I'm really impressed at how clean they're becoming.

I'm surprised of the scores though. 3.4-3.6 scores? Very strange. Did the NGers become more bitchy since the last time I visited?

georgem124 responds:

No. NG just have a limited (categorised) taste in music.

Basically you have:

Rock-hedz (yes i know this one sounds drug related)

Video game and trance on newgrounds are very different to the real stuff, this is why people have been zerobombing my good ol' trance pieces.

BTW! some of my songs are on