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2009-02-25 15:55:30 by georgem124

The zerobombers, they look like potatoes they are the size of elephants and do nothing but sit in there chair all day and vote zeroes all of newgrounds, why? well thats simple THEY ARE ALL FUCKING CUNTBUCKETS THAT HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN PISS PEOPLE OFF, so think of it this way would would a little numerical sum next to your song bother you? well its not that that bothers you its the fact that they are enjoying it, also imagine you are me you just created a new general rock loop called electricpulse you only spent half an hour on it and it means absolutely nothing to you then! then you get a 10 comment saying this is awesome also your rating goes to 4.5 and stays 2nd in general rock for 2 days and stays there it is also top search for pulse and 2nd for electric. pretty awesome hey? then! then a zerobombing pilot comes along in their plane and drops a big 0 on parliament, yep your pissed off then that 4.5 turns into a measly 3."69" thought id highlight that bit for effect lolz anyway you get pissed off you have 6 DOWNLOADS and 60 LISTENS and 4.5 RATING that owns nope the jewish gypsy bomber come along obviously if your goukisan you get shit loads of recognition and if your bounc3 you get shit loads of 5s the 5 bombers out number the 0 bombers and as so goukisan wins so they aim for lowly faggots like me and sfapil2


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2009-02-25 19:26:55

Oh, shut up. Frankly, I've gotten worse.


2009-03-07 06:14:30

I feel sorry for you. v_v
Such a**h***s! I know what ou feel, putting so much effort into your music and then there are actually kids who have no submissions at all (which makes their votes and reviews worth nothing anyway) who vote zero on everything they can find and didn't even watch of listen to.
That is really a huge problem on NG.
It should be possible to see who voted how much on submissions or something don't you think?


2009-03-07 06:18:33

And what just came to my mind:
You really make me wonder, because even if you are frustrated because of haters, you don't behave the same way just because you are angry about those people.
That's not something everybody is gifted with. :)


2009-03-07 06:49:11

But still:
Dont hate against ANYBODY.
Who dou you think you are to use the word faggot?? ò_O

georgem124 responds:

faggots are a type of food and quite a nice one too. have a nice day


2009-03-17 09:38:16

Zero-bombers are usually "binary-voters" [The ones who vote either 5 if they like or 0 if they don't like]. Their limited intelligence can only span to these elementary choices ;o).

This unique characteristic is also accompanied by the fact that they have no submissions to Newgrounds (or any site I presume), making their votes even more worthless.

Don't get so upset. Unfortunately Treviabot92 is right. I noticed that all the audio submitters suffer from this plague. The ones that don't suffer much are the most famous ones, but they too must've had this problem during their first uploads.

Best of luck with your next submissions ;o).

georgem124 responds:

i know what you're saying. i ony really made this because i ended up with a song that had a score of 0.47 which really pissed my off so. yer anyway good luck with future submissions


2009-03-22 19:06:26

zero bombers are the worst on newgrounds. the ng team should make a system to block them if they vote zero to often.

georgem124 responds:

they should make a system that if you vote zero more than twice in a row it instantly changes your votes to everyone you zeroed to a five